Into The Wilderness…Exploring Kagay, Mundum, Pabak, Benda and Okhley.


It was a 7days travel to a different place in Kagay, Khasmahal. Our video is all about nature which took many days to search the pleasure in nature.
We travelled to Mudung which is a nearby river from Kagay.
Duka Tandrabung, Tam Falls, Dhami Falls and Gangeb gives birth to Mudung river. It is a north flowing river which is regarded as a holy river for the people living in Kagay community.

The next travel was to Okhely. Benda which is on east of Kagay. The river rolls down from Chagay falls, and meets with Mudung river at Reshi River that separates beautiful hills station of India into two states West Bengal and Sikkim. Nowadays many tourist visit this place to rapture on the flowing river. Another name for Okhley is Gorkhay Pool(the bridge which is made by the gorkha community with the help of bamboo, string and stone).Nearby bridge there is a small temple which is constructed on top of stone at river side. It is a belief that the local people found Okhel Dunga Nepali meaning a hole on a stone. In ancient times Okhel was used to grind the grains by using “Dhiki”. The river, climate was very clear to capture the beautiful creation of nature and to explore the beautiful places in India.
Other days was just a trek to nearby Dhami falls which is an increasing in sightseeing places at Kagay. Due to Monsoon rain the fall was not so clear.
Many obstacles like crossing the streams climbing up the rocks walking on the river beds walking through a dense forest was an memorable adventure which concluded our trek with a beautiful video of nature and a habitat of different species.

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