EXPERIENCE THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF KOLAKHAM (3days/2nights family package)

Kolakham : Entirely new world with a glimpse of the Himalayas, this small village lies between the valley of high hills. This is the land of indigenious native Lepchas, Rai, tamanag Gurung and other local inhabitants. People and their life style is extremely pure and simple. The views that can strike and remain for years to come ,are simple Rise of the Sjn, its set, interlocking spurs that glide among themselves like green dunes. While heading towards yiur destiny place, one needs to go through the forest. Its sub tropical evergreen forest with high alpine climatic condition. The small brooks that originate from natural fresh water lakes are simply enough to make someone feel out of this world.
You may be thinking than what in short so exciting about this place? Its simple . Visit in no time and experience yourself. Better to behold rather than listen.
Place : kolakham
Distance from main Town Lava: 13km
Lodging facilities: Home stay
Food : As per your family package with food on demand
Transportation: All modes
Best Season to visit: Throughout the year
Recreation/Refreshment facilities: sight seeing, swimming, trekking, bird photography, videography, and lot more.
Here is a brief account. Lets get started:
Dah 1.
From NJP ( New Jalpaiguri Railway station) To Kalimpong. Comfortable transport along the edges of mighty River Teesta.After a smooth ride of three hours, you can enjoy the small exploration of the town. After it you may go for the one of the most popular sight seeing site in the world, Delo. Its on the way to Kolakham. Its great . On the way you meet two small hill towns namely Algarah and Lava. Before it is dusk, you will reach your destiny piercing through the dense evergreen forest of himalayan pine.
Day 2
Wake up early to enjoy the Sunrise. After your breakfast you can go for the any one of these-
1.Sight seeing to a. Changey Falls
b. Mulkharkha lake
C. Aritar taal
D. Visit Lava
E. Ravang River
F. Pharyang River
G. Deep forest etc.
How fast time will pass behind you simply can’t imagine.
Day 3.
After your everyday routine breakfast, you can choose your return to your sweet home through an organic village named Kagay. Here you can enjoy the extreme terrace farming and small orchards. It would be an extension of just 15 km but it gives you lifelong experience of typical Indian hill terrace farming sight that evokes incredible love for your nation ,people and land.
Key features:
Trekking facilities, picnic, bonfire, local dishes, you can participate in local festivals too, sight seeing, perfect for bird photo/ videography, landscape photography, forest video and photography etc.