FAMILY HOLIDAY TOUR : 7D/6N (Kalimpong/Kagay/Lingseykha/Reshi)

Madding crowd of the city brings us always a deep longing for a countryside outing to regenerate fresh energy to mingle with the city life. Not only the houses are getting clustered, the views of the open sky is just a myth now. People do not have time to count the falling star. People do not stare at the sky to see the ever changing colour ,counter, shape and size. Thus it has become indispensible for everyone once in a year to go onto the lap of Nature where we can forget our all the worries , woes and can live being ourselves. If you are looking for a short holyday trip to any parts of the North Bengal during Puja vacation or during early winter days, then a complete holiday package of family trip of approximately 7 days and 6 nights can be made by visiting the following places in a single route trip without any confusion.

Day –1

The entire trip starts from the very famous railway station New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, which in short in the local area is called NJP. It is in the outskirt of the main entrance to Seven sisters of the East, Siliguri. from NJP you can take any kinds of tourist vehicle at your wish upto Kalimpong, the youngest district of West Bengal. On the way, you can see the famous river valley, Teesta Valley, beyond the other bank of the river lies a mystic landscape that seems enchanting a magical spell of eternal silence and beauty. The distance you have to travel is no more than 100km which can be covered easily within 2 and half hours if you halt for snacks and foods. Sevoke , Coronation bridge , Teesta Bridge, A typical small bazar called Rambhi where one can see the native people selling mushroom. As you reach Kalimpong, the first thing that you want to see is the town itself. Its narrow footpath with full of pedestrians looks really amazing as the people are friendly ,kind hearted and ever ready to help for anything you want from them. From the main town where you can get all sort of refuge facilities, you can enjoy world class foods including typical Neplese food. The town lies between two peaks, Durpin and Delo. The places once you must visit are as follows which you can complete in one day by hiring a cab which is available anytime.
1. Durpin Dara
2. Golf Course
3. Mangal Dham
4. Delo
5. Tare vir
6. Science City
7. Hanuman Mandir

Day — 2 Kalimpong to Kagay
Next day as you leave Kalimpong, you don’t have to feel gloomy because as you will be touched by the cool wind of Lava, that comes from the dense forest of pine trees. You can take the native breakfast of your choice. Hot tea with hot samosa, golden jalebi with dripping drop of sweet sugar, aromatic organic vegetable cooked by the old experienced hands, some of the typical local snacks like Fumbi , Allu Thukpa, momo, chawmin, thukpa etc can be enjoyed. After a short break, your journey once again starts among the dense, lovely forest gradually sloping down the hill where your eyes can see the never ending horizon beyond the spurs. On the way you can behold the beautiful landscape of Rishop. Finally you reach the destiny, a small village, where everything seems out of the modern hectic life. The beauty of the village you can experience with the setting of the sun over the horizon of Pedong, a heavenly town. The food and the warm bed will welcome you at night, where just the rustling of the wind, fireflies and starry night will provide you the best rest.

Day—3 Around Kagay
The adventure begins now. The places you can visit in Kagay after taking morning meal/breakfast/lunch according to the need are–
1st Place — Dhami Fall
This place gives you an opportunity of trekking as you have to walk at least for half an hour. The route is not difficult to climb.A guide will accompany you.
2nd place– Misreni Dara
This is a meditating ridge- top for Gurung Budhist Monks. From here you can enjoy the 360 degree view of entire Kagay Valley. The main tree rivers,Reshi.Ravang tand Mudung can be seen without any hindrance.
3rd place–Maria Church
One of the oldest monuments in the entire district of Kalimpong,this holy place was chosen by the French Missionaries, who built this auspicious home to pray to God. People belonging to all sects, castes, religion and culture visit this Holy Place which shows the harmony, brotherhood, fraternity, democratic and social cooperation among the people.
4th Place— Tam Falls
If you really want to trek, go for the fall. Situated deep inside the forest, this falls was even unknown to the local people. Strange ha? Now it is the centre of attraction even for the local people!
5TH Place– Okhley
It is a place where you can go to swim in the fast flowing river. If you wish you may go for night camping as well. Finally your small trip comes to an end before you move towards Reshi .

Day —4 Reshi
This river is originated from the place where the Nature has shown all her glory at its best. Here in the place, you can enjoy all sort of water adventure, like camping, riverside picnic, fish catching, swimming etc. The crystal clear water of the river is a thing of eternal beauty. Here you can enjoy the typical local foods and recipes like Wachipa, Churumpha, Chuwa foll, fish of the river and many more on demand. You can get a better facilities of refuge here than your expectation. If you are a bird lover, you can see more than 67 species of bird which include Himalayan Humming bird ( local name- Balsi)peacock, Himalayan Peasant peasant, red head, black piper cuckoo himalayan babler golden babler etc. You can’t feel the passing of the day like a sea breeze during summer.

Day–5 Lingshay, Lingsheykha and Pithamchin
After bidding farewell to Reshi, next day you can reach Lingshey and Lingsheykha via East Sikkim. Finally you can see the Kagay Valley right from the top of it just from the opposite side of the range. Here in Lingshey you can visit the high altitude lakes and falls. The place is well known for the birds, medicinal herbs and some of the rare reptiles including Salak,rock lizard, rock python, and animals like barking deer, spotted leopard, Asiatic bear etc. But one should not be panic as they are rarely seen roaming around. The places you can visit here are ——-

Day — 6 The Retreat
Finally you can extend your plan if you decide to visit Naura Valley. If you want to return back to your sweet abode, you will be finally dropped back to NJP Railway Station.
• Lodging and fooding facilities according to your need
• Besides the view of The Great Himalayas, first hand experiences of flora and fauna
• Pick up and dropping facilities
• A full time guide ( according to demand)
• Besides the meal covered within the package, other typical food in addition( both paid and free)
• Secure and peaceful environment
• Clean water facilities even during rainy season
• Clean and neat environs to stay
• Provision of videography and photography on demand from the professional videographers and photographers. ( This facilities available on demand for which you have to pay according to the existing rates)
• If you want special aerial footages, then it will be provided by using drone cam
• Easy transaction facility
• You can participate in the local celebrations during festival time
• Your request will be abruptly attended