First vlog Traverse Tale (Pitamchin, Kalimpong, Lingseykha)

It was our two days trip to Pitamchin(Mulkharkha) on 4th Jan 2018. It is our first vlog, We took Chuba Lingsey route to reach our destination.While travelling to this place we experienced many things like the offbeat road, trekking for 2 hours from Pitamchin just to see the natural beauty of Mulkharkha Lake (Fusray). Many circumstances came our way but we didn’t step back we just focused with our plan and kept moving to explore the beauty of nature. We are very glad enough to get a support at our every step like Tilak Da and Prahar Bhai who really helped us in our entire trip by providing accommodations and helping with the route maps towards Lake.
We hope you guys might enjoy our first vlog and keep supporting us for up coming videos.
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In the lap of Mt Kanchenjunga lies a small tiny village which is named as Lingsey surrounded with natural environment. The people are very friendly they are ready to help you out when you need a help. The people are very motivated they are in tourism field since many years they founded Ecotourism village with the help of thoughts of Mr Lalit Poudyel. He act as an active member of Tourism who kept really good on exploring the beautiful village. The village is 112 km from NJP. Every closer you enter the village the nature welcomes you to the peaceful environment. Lingsey is rich in various Flora and Fauna. It has many sightseeing places.




The Natural Lake which is just above Aritar Lake, Many People trek to this place it is also named as Manokamana Lake where you can make a wish. It is about 20km from Pitamchin which takes 2 hours of trekking.  While on journey or hiking, you will come across a steep slope, a pleasant air which always helps you to take step on steep slope. The most beautiful thing is the panoramic view of landscape and the second highest mountain in the world Mt Kanchenjunga. After reaching the natural Lake you don’t fell like coming back because you already step into the pieces of heaven on earth. There is no worries for non trekkers they can get a transportation facilities towards lake.

While you enter this place you feel like heaven. The cold clouds hitting the trees and sometimes you can hear the sound of strong wind which gives a inner peace. The lake is surrounded with deciduous forest and beautiful natural garden on other side of lake where you can take a tent and accommodate on the lap of Nature. It is said that whenever the weather is good one can see Mt Kanchenjunga reflection on a lake. It has some believe it is sacred place the people still worship this lake different religion has different views of this lake.

Things to remember while visiting this place

  • Watch your step it is a natural place and gift of god (people prefer it) so don’t scatter waste products it may harm the environment. Nowadays it has been seen lot of plastic around the lake so let’s keep our environment safe and clean.
  • Follow the guidelines because you are at dense forest no one knows what’s the next step.
  • Be careful of pets animal don’t tease or disobey them.
  • You can find a small shop which offers you a cup of tea and sometimes noodles.

Best time to visit this place is around Feb to starting of March and October will be a best season because weather seems perfect. Accommodations are also provided around this lake.


The biggest falls in Kalimpong district The water rolls down from the height of 40 to 50ft height giving a perfect view. It is 9 km from Lingsey you can get transportation facilities but before reaching this fall you need to hike for 15 mins. It has stairs till falls you can see falls from different level. Photogenic people will have fun at this place. The most amazing thing is towards downward the water rolls down into a hole on rock. The rock is nicely carved to give a round shape. In Nepali term named as “Ghumauro” which means the water rolls around through rock. You can take a shower but it depends on how adventure you are. The water is cold enough if you visit this place on summer this falls gives you leisure in return. Watch your step on rock because it is very slippery due to algae. If you travel with gears don’t forget to carry a lens cleaning kit because the drops of water may affect your lens.

Places to stay at Lingsey   

We prefer to choose a Homestay it’s very cheap and good and you can experience a stay with musical instrument, campfire, and especially local foods which give you the best memorable trip in your life.

How to reach Lingsey

First of all you need to reach Siliguri if you travel by train you need to reach NJP or by plane its Bagdogra. You can get a transportation facilities both from NJP and Bagdogra but you need to reserve a cab. If you want to travel by sharing take a cab from Panitanki More to Kalimpong. After reaching Kalimpong walk towards Kanchen Hall it is a famous old movie hall from there buy a ticket from nearby syndicate. Take your ticket till Lingsey you will be in your destination pay extra to driver to reach your nearest Homestay.