Five most visited places of Kalimpong Within 5km.

5 most visited places of Kalimpong


Delo is a well known tourist destination of Kalimpong. It is situated on the top of gentle hill top. This site attracts thousands of tourists, domestic as well as foreign every year almost throughout the year. One can behold the sublime beauty of small hill town from the top. A perfect location for taking outstanding hill photography background being the whole range of the Eastern Himalayas. Kanchanjungha being the most beautiful peak. River Teesta down the valley is an extra bonus. Cool chilling wind amongst the pine forest, hot coffee with hot vapour rising up the edges of the cup, blooming flowers of untold species along the edges of the road, a perfect place to take the rest in the landmark lodge are few to mention. Horse walk anytime taking them from the grazing meadow is just a touch of mesmerizing ecstasy. Paragliding is the recent added adventure one can enjoy. You can lie down on the soft grass here whole day staring at the sky without being tired a bit. Thus welcome to Delo.


No such feeling you can have on the grand vista of Natural beauty anywhere without much difficulty. For some it may be just a terrifying edges of the rocky hill, but walking along its boundary of deep down steep slop and a flat plain meadow is just out of this world. Standing still and letting the mountain wind blow your face with its cold gentle soft touches is just like taking a shower of roses. Wind sings. Yes. You heard it right. It whispers a note of thanks. While returning from Pujay Dara, you can take a lovely view of Durbin Golf Course. Within 10 minutes you are ready to bask your sweat with hot coffee or tea in the town.


Located just on the way to Delo it is one of the most visited and must visit place of Kalimpong. Not only the visitors can get an opportunity to see various science experiments on display, they may really perform them too. A great centre of learning. Its not the only thing of attraction, exquisite view of The town, hills around a d the Great Himalayas, where lies the grand Mt. Kanchanjungha. But you can experience something beyound your expectation. You find yourself in THE PRE-HISTORIC PERIOD, THE JURRASIC WORLD. Yes you read it right . Effigies not of a single mega extinct animal gaze at you but almost all species of dinosaurs are here. DO NOT TOUCH THEM. If you are a real lover of flora, here you are in the right place. They are all here with all their scientific names, waiting silently the ardent visitors. No matter how much you walk, at the end what you store in your heart and mind matter.


If Delo is the left hand of the town, Durbin is the right one. If Delo represents scenic beauty with Human art and creation, Durbin is purely associated with serene natural beauty and Human faith on religion. Delo is associated with all but creative artificial beauty with Nature’s presence, Durbin Dara is associated with aesthetic beauty. When you make your presence around the most sacred and auspicious place,, Durbin Gumba, a Buddhist Monastery, deep, slow, melody of hymns that comes echoing out of Gumba, as strikes your ears, you feel the goose bomb all over your body. Young Lama, deeply meditating by enchanting those Buddhist manuscript, gives you the perfect example of discipline and sacrifice. Their shy nature, innocent look and their dedication towards their work make them real peace makers. The big Army ground is another meadow for the visitors who wants try some acrobatic of your own or you may some yogas on the soft grass of this vast green plain. From the western edge of the ground , you can let your vision travel as far as possible. Meandering river, just you have seen in adventure movies, small hills, covered by dense busy and few tall trees are simply breath taking. Few locals occasionally set fire on wild weeds, whose smoke rises up making a curl is enough to compare this real vista with Wordswoth’s view of similar vista in Tinten Abbey. Lets visit it once.


Now from the plain of Durbin Dara, its time to explore something creepy and spooky.
If you are afraid of height, better for you to stay in your room. Literally means “ monkey’s cliff” , Badare Bhir is a cliffy site. You must be alert, active and cautious. But plenty of safety measures available. We don’t have to jump though down! Just to watch, click photos and thrill.

Key features of this trip.

1. These places lie within the distance of 5 km from the main town.
2. Both on and off beat sites are available.
3. Two days are enough.
4. Transport mode and types: Road, all types, daily, sharing, reservation and yes YOU CAN WALK TOO.
5. No permit is required.
6. Best season to visit: 12 months.

No need to worry about food and bed, you can choose of your choice.
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