“Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before.”

In the land of Mt. Kanchanjunga lies a small village offering breathtaking natural beauty round the year. Welcome to Kagay, a fresh and tiny sleepy village at the east of Kalimpong District, Darjeeling. A panaromic view of the allied peaks of Mt. Kanchanjunga, a winding river down valley, a jungle in the backyard, a waterfall, a meditation spot and holy north flowing river, a beautiful terrace farming, sunrise and sunset spot, a church (build by French people) an off-road adventure, Trekking spot are all the major attraction of this place.

Kagay is near to popular tourist destination like Pedong, Reshi, Rishap, Sillary Gaon, Munsong- Burmeik, Lingseykha and Lava. It is also known for its impressive bird population, medicinal plants, flowers and its indigenous people and culture. It’s one of the typical Organic village exists in kalimpong district. Several organic and medicinal home based industries have been operating here since long. It is situated at the height of 1800ft and area of 12380sq.ft with almost 8930 of population.Kagay itself is pristine beautiful while the major must visit spots add more feeling and emotions to you with the beauties of their own. Some of them are listed below, Do visit once in your lifetime, we hope you will never regret.


Situated in the middle of Kagay both are adjacent to each other with the charm of its natural and traditional terrace farming. People here practices traditional paddy cultivation since decades. The mud festival during monsoon is also the major attraction of this place. The natural picturesque leave you astonished and your heart will cherish for a moment. So why don’t you add this place in your list.


Located in the heart of Kagay its much popular site for meditation and refreshment. The only spot which is silent enough to isolate from the chaos of life. Not only we think even the Gurung Monk has chosen this place for meditation. While it’s in high altitude this place gives a panoramic view of landscapes and Mt. Kanchenjunga. You can also see the border of Bengal and Sikkim from this place. The one can differentiate between the two states.


The biggest falls at Kagay. The water rolls down from Rishap and some parts of Neora Valley which gives plenty of water in every season to this falls. The water rolls down from the height of 50-60ft which gives a beautiful scenario along with refreshment to the body, mind and soul. The falls ends with three steps which reduces the speed of water and makes them flow in one way preserving the other living things of this area. To reach this place you need to trek half an hour from the roadside. On the way you can experience a dense forest, cross different streams, see different species of flora and fauna. You can also find a tree which exists since thousand years.


Situated near of the Kagay Bazar, one of the most rated points of attractions of Kagay, Love Dara or Bazar DIF provides you the spectacular view of sunrise and sunset. It also gives you the panoramic view of Mt. Kanchanjunga with much bigger image. Thirty to forty seconds of down walk from this place is Kagay Bazar where you find a small market to lure with the hot tea and momos.


One of the north flowing river of India which is regarded as the holy river of this place. Due to its popularity people from different places come here to pay tribute and offerings. The crystal clear water and its natural beauty leave you speechless. You can also enjoy camping on the riverside beside that also the traditional fishing is allowed here. Experience swimming in crystal clear water is also a fun part of this River.


The establishment of Vijay Rani Girja gave birth to Christianity on the year 18 in maria Busty. Rev Father travelled all over from France to build a beautiful church. Still many pilgrimages from France visit this place. The church is surrounded by a primary school and a Grotto a silent place to meditate and small Tea Garden.


The beautiful Celtic cross is hidden in the forest of Benda. The Cross is famous for the shining due to the reflection of light it gives the cross shine in dark time. It was completed at the year 2015 by the local people to preserve the Christianity around their locality. The cross is surrounded by dense forest and plateau. The rocks around the cross are naturally designed by the nature which really shows that the rocks do have their own life. To reach Celtic Cross you need to trek for 3km from roadside Benda. On the way you have to cross dense forest and small valleys.


Okhley is one of the most popular place of this village. This place is worshipped as a place of Holy Siva’s abode. More than three decade ago, this place came into the limelight suddenly within a night as few fisherman and locals found Holy Impression of Nag on the surface of several rocks. The news spread like a wildfire. A temple was erected with the help of the local people. Now it has turned into a popular as well as most important junction for three main reasons. The main road which connects the two other grams, goes across this river. Though Okhley is not a separate river, it’s the middle part of Reshi river. Second is the location of temple. And third one for funeral site for Hindus of the local area. This junction is famous for its natural swimming pools locally known as Daha, means pool. Every year after the great Monsoon rain, new pools are formed and old ones are buried the river. But still few remain as it is with little change in its depth, size and shape. Few of them are Okhley Daha, Hill Queen, Green Queen (largest one till date known to people about 50 ft. Long and more than 20 ft. Deep) . Fishing , catching river frog at night, collecting worm fish, etc. Can be done with ease and no hectic legal procedure need to be followed. Thus Okhley, is one of the historical site to be visited while you are in Kagay.