Kalimpong, Durpin Hills, Gumpa, golf course, Delo Paragliding, Delo Hills ,Mac Farlane Church

It was a 2days trip to Kalimpong. The town which is located at an average elevation of 4101ft. Kalimpong is known for its educational institutions. We were also once a student at this town we were just not travelling to this place but we were also recalling those beautiful memories that we left behind in Kalimpong town. On 6thNovember around 9.30am we started riding towards Kalimpong via Kagay, Pedong & Algarah. After an hour we started travelling to Deolo, in between we covered many places like Deorali (Algarah), Hanuman temple and finally Deolo hills. We reached around 1.15 pm and started making videos after some time we went to a paragliding hills. The height of hill was perfect to take a shot we stayed till sunset for a time lapse video and we moved towards the rooms.
Next day was a trek to Durpin hills, from BT College Chandralok; we reached the ground of durpin by 5.00am. We waited till sunrise. The weather was amazing to see 3rd highest peak Mt Kanchenjunga and rays falling on it. Our last video of Mt Kanchenjunga was taken from Kagay with a different angle. After 7.10am we trekked to Badharay Vhir (Badarey cliff of Kalimpong) there was no road the only way to reach was by trekking. The view was awesome from this place, the hills was very steep enough to look down. We failed to know the height of steep rocks but we didn’t saw a stone that was thrown from top of the hill. We enjoyed the peace of hills and returned towards our room. We trekked for 4km and it was great start of the day. We took our lunch as soon as we reached room we relaxed till 2.30pm and planned to visit Pujey dara another amazing hills at Kalimpong. It was just below the Bhadaray Bhir we saw the layers of steep rocks. We hang out till dawn; the weather was cold so we directly went towards room to get relaxed.
The final day was a visit to a busy town of Kalimpong. We selected ‘Food Trafford’ restaurant to get a time lapse video of Kalimpong main road and a very thanks to Nirvana Hotel for giving us a space to get a video of Mela ground. Then we headed towards MacFarlane Church which was built at the year 1891 . After couple of minute spending over there we travelled back to home. It was a very good experience while travelling to different places of Kalimpong. We got many motivations which kept our dreams alive.