Kalimpong Pujey Dara, Durpin Hills, Badarey Cliff of Kalimpong

Hunt down memories that’s what the story behind this video those school days at Kalimpong was awesome memories in life which we never want to forget. After many years when we were back to the town all those memories hit our mind those weekend holidays and the coolest stuff ever done. We selected Badaray Cliff, Pujey Dara and Suicide Point to visit.
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Kalimpong is a hill station in the Indian state of West Bengal. It was earlier a subdivision of Darjeeling district but now it is a separate district of West Bengal since 14th Feb 2017 with an area of 1056 square kilometre. It is a small town with inhabitant of 49403 people (as per 2011 census). Kalim in local dialect means King’s Minister and Pong means Stronghold. So the name Kalimpong actually means Stronghold of kings Minister. There are many theories on the origin of the name According to Lepcha tribe it means Hillock of Assemblage in time the name was destroyed to Kalenpung and later controlled to Kalimpong.

Kalimpong is known for its educational institutions many of which were established during British colonial period. The municipality sits on a ridge overlooking the River teesta and is a tourist destination owing to its temperate climate, magnificent Himalayan Beauty. Horticulture is mandatory to Kalimpong, Orchids are found abundantly many nurseries export Himalayan grown flowers, bulb, tubers and rhizomes. Kalimpong is a bit congested but the vast district is full of greenery forested land and terrace fields where rice, corn millets and seasonal vegetables are cultivated. This place is also well known for growing quality spices like cardamom, ginger, turmeric etc.


How to reach kalimpong

The nearest airport is Bagdogra which takes 3 hours to reach which covers 75.5 km through 31 A highways. The nearest railway station is NJP which is 72.5 km through 31a via Tista. It is very easy way to reach Kalimpong by sharing cab. If you are travelling fron NJP you will find plenty of mini autos on the left of station. It cost you around 15 to 20 rupees till Sevoke More. Then you can Panitanki more by few minute of walk. If you are travelling with heavy luggage you can take a rickshaw which cost you 20 till Panitanki Mor. If you are travelling from Bagdogra you will find plenty of Bus and mini auto to reach Sevoke More after every five to ten minutes you will find a sharing vehicle which cost Rs 130 till Kalimpong


Places to visit at Kalimpong

  • Deolo Hills- it is the 10th highest peak in the Indian state of west Bengal with an average of 1704 m above sea level and it is a highest point of Kalimpong town. The hill is located on the north east of the town. It is 9km from town and you can find plenty of cab to deolo. If you are travelling on our own take a straight ride to Rishi Road which leads you to Pedong. From 10th mile take a left turn the zigzag road leads you to Deolo hills. If the weather is good you can see the Himalayan range some parts of Namchi,Pakyong,Tarayvhir and the river Tista. While entering the deolo guest house you have to pay an entry fee for locals visitors its 20 and for tourist its40. Camera and Tripod are allowed. The guest house was established during British colonial period the art of stone is awesome at the guest house fell free to take a horse ride around the guest house. There are many other things to see and enjoy at deolo hills. Paragliding are also available it’s very cheap enough to experience as adventure in your life. Small canteens provides you different foods especially momo.
  • Dhurpin Hills- it is 5km from kalimpong town you need to take a road towards Kalimpong College. Dhurpin hill is one of the two hills that the town of Kalimpong stands in between. Kalimpong is situated on a ridge connecting the two hills, Dhurpin and deolo. Dhurpin in Nepali dialect means Binocular. From the meaning itself we can say that this place gives you a spectacular 360 view. From here you can see some parts of Darjeeling Sandakfu,Tarayvhir,Namchi,Lalaygaon,Algarah singe and many more. While entering army settlement you can find a golf course which is very wonderful and it’s been a heart of Kalimpong. Entering into it is prohibited by army but you can taste the food at canteen and enjoy the view of Himalayan Ranges. At the top of hill sits the ZangDhokPalri Monastery which was constructed by Dalai Lama in 1976. The monastery holds in its reliquary 108 volumes of the Kangyur as well as other holy books and scrolls that were moved out of Tibet after the Chinese invasion. The Indian army has major base on the Durpin hill. Near the Monastery a helipad has been constructed by the Indian army.
  • Bahadharayvhir

In a Nepali dialect which means Monkey hills. It is a habitat for large amount of monkeys. There is no road to reach this place the only way is by trek from Durpin. It is 1km away from Durpin it’s a secret place only the local people know this place, we prefer heightofemia people to stay away from this place. It’s very steep enough. It’s about 60 to 70 ft height. The rocks are piled with layers; the only thing you hear is sound of air and your heartbeat. These hills will make you feel the adventure life in your travel map. So don’t skip this place visit once you will find abundant of memories to share.

  • PuchaeDara- Another steep hill of Kalimpong. It is opposite to Bhadarayvhir. It is about 2km from Dhurpin hills. Take a left turn from the Army camp take straight road you will find canteen of army in the way still take a same road at last you will find Army hospital after a one turn you will find a turn which leads you to puchaedara. The road is small and steep so be careful of upcoming vehicles after 3min of ride you will see a big parking lot. Park your ride and look down you will find the two hills. If you are looking for adventure this place might fulfil your dreams. Walk through the hills you will find the beauty in it. Those steep rocks, strong wind which blows away your fear and brings you in a new world. So don’t skip this peaceful place. We found more local visitors then tourist. Traverse tale suggest you to visit once you will find many things to explore for more in details check our video on YouTube……



Places to stay at Kalimpong

There is plenty of accommodation facilities where you can find any categories of rooms from deluxe to premier it depend on how you choose our tariff. For luxury hotels we prefer Silver ox………………………….     For budget hotel we prefer china garden………………



Popular food items found at Kalimpong

  • Phambi- it is made up of fing. It is in square shape, it looks like Aludam it goes well with Aachar.
  • Lollipop- it is made of milk attached to a bamboo stick.
  • Bataray- it is made up of maida the shape is twisted and turn it is crispy with different taste
  • Fing- it is also twist and turn in shape mostly used for additional ingredients to a food.
  • Sacuset- you will find different types.
  • Dallay Khorsani- the red chilly which is round in shape
  • Achar- it is made of any things it is famous in Kalimpong hills. The shop which sells this product is found on motor stand.


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