KANNAN VALLEY; Where Nature smiles.

Kannan Valley : A confluence of peace of mind and Soul

Situated on the convergence of two beautiful perennial fresh water rivers, Reshi and Rampho, is a newly discovered destiny for a perfect holiday. The place is situated nearly at a distance of 2 km from Rorethang, East Sikkim. The valley is an extensive one. One needs to browse a thousand miles in order to get such a beautiful place. You can come here with your family, colleagues, friends, soulmate, beloved and even alone without any aches of your legs , eyes, soldiers and yes, whole body. After seeing crystal clear water, one cannot deter himself or herself from diving into the cold water. The whole of river is a natural swimming pool. Mother Nature has nurtured this valley with these two rivers along the banks of which white shinny grains of sand give us a feeling of eternal smoothness. The sublime beauty of the valley is simply breath taking. The murmuring note of the rivers is always present to provide the background music of mystic charm and sensation. As the night approaches with its dark vail , the entire valley between the base of the lofty hills looks as if it is also going to take a rest.

The valley , far from the maddening crowd of the modern day metropolis, is no less than a Disney world of ever happiness. No honking, ho hectic city life, just a rustic life to find the hidden beauty of Nature. Before its dawn, birds starts making their chirping call to their dearest ones , ready for their daily adventure. Dense evergreen forest, cold flowing waters of Reshi and Rampho , mesmerizing sunrise not from the top but from the bottom of the hills, a plain meadow where turkey birds graze, tiny fresh water fish jumping out of water are some of the sights enough to preserve as keepsake in one of the corner of the heart. Its just like Wordsworth’s Yarrow Unvisited. When one walks along the bank of the river, one can not remain without touching the soft grasses. As the wind blows, its like you are on the film city of the movie Gladiator. Without visiting yourself, no words can quench your thirst.

*How to reach?
From NJP to Rampho. Behold the glimpse of this hill town. And you can simply within 3 and half hours, would be the wooden bridge of Kannan Valley. Lets make it simple. You can directly pick a cab up upto this valley.

What this valley offers you!

*Nature photography
*Nature videography
*Merrymaking in water
*Homely environment for night refuge
*Local recipes
*Alien to pollution
*Bird watching
*Smooth transportation
*A great site for get together, picnic and outdoor cooking

From here you can turn the wheels of your journey to any direction.