Marybong/ Darjeeling; a new Destination for adventure lovers

Marybong . A new destiny for adventure lovers
Marybong is an off side new destiny from the main road from Ghoom Darjeeling to main town Darjeeling. It is an old tea estate of Darjeeling. A small road bifurcating from Ghoom, leads to Marybong village with a fresh fragrance of tea leaves. Cold breeze is always there to beat the scorching heat of the plains. One can really be lucky if they don’t miss this place. This place has recently been recognized as one of the best spot for sight seeing, view of the Himalayas with zero percent obstruction., dancing cloud over the horizon , running fog on the surface of the tea garden. Unlike few crowded spot, it is totally secluded place with limited home stay facilities, people of this village believe in self service rather than popularizing their hospitality. Thus it was very strange feeling people preserving their simplicity not due to the invasion of new cultural effects of the urban life, but being happy far from the madding crowd of the city.
Our effort is to bring such places which are located in such areas where their songs of beauty are not yet sung. People behold and forget. People visit and disappear. Some see the nature at its best. Some gather beautiful memories with nature. But very few feel the presence of Nature on every object they see, touch, feel and taste.

A glance of Marybong
Name : Marybong
Meaning of the name: Mary’s bong ( taken from the Lepcha language)
Nearest town: Ghoom
Altitude: 2900 to 5900 ft.
Available Homestay: Three Brother Homestay
Contact details: +919832074838 (Mr. Pravat Rai)

Facilities :
Sight seeing , entire places of Darjeeling .
Trekking covering a minimum distance of 5km. It depends upon the requirement. This place offers you plenty of trekking options. Never miss the opportunity .
Tea garden! What on earth one needs for the crystal clear view of the entire tea estate without single obstruction. No electric poles with hanging wires . Amazing experience…
Full range view of the Great Himalayas!
Window view of Mt. Kanchanjungha
Well maintain transport system
No problem of communication
Entirely locally prepared dishes garnish with native taste and aroma
Crystal clear cold drinking water from the natural spring

Rare species of birds, reptiles, mammals and plants.
If you are highland flower admirer than you are going to be a real hero for witnessing rare species of Orchids, Wild orchid , well trimmed grafted bonsie plants.

It’s perfect for all type of photography under natural light.