Mulkharkha lake: Solitary Beauty- 3 Days 2 Night travel package

Mulkharkha lake is not a new name among the most beautiful places of Kalimpong Town, situated near the borders of Sikkim , India and and Bhutan. The lake is the result of fresh water that gets accumulated during summer and snow melt water during winter. The lake is situated approximately at a height of 3000 mt. From the sea level. It is surrounded by lovely low hill tops from all sides and the water that pours down from one edge of the lake form a lovely waterfall. Water of the lake is crystal clear. Though many tourist throng this place but still this place has been able to preserve its original beauty and sanitation. No pollution yet to be noted. Green grasses cover the entire low valley. Rare flowers of the alpine climatic condition bloom during spring and summer. At least 15 species of rhododendron are found. Among them ‘Laligurash ‘ is prominent.
This lake is not only beautiful gift of nature but it also holds some religious importance as well. Local people occasionally organize certain religious rituals mainly dedicated to Nature Deities. No one is allowed to swim on the lake. Boating is also prohibited. One can though take photos and can make videos of your choice. You can also fly drone cameras without any restriction.

Lets travel –Details of the Mulkharkha lake trekking

DAY 1:
NJP Railway station Siliguri to Kagay .
Sight scenes- Sevoke Railgate, Coronation Bridge , Teesta Bridge, Delo, Algarah Bazar,
Lodging facility: Homestay

DAY 2:
Kagay Organic village
Worthy to enjoy- organic farming, terrace farming, orange garden, Mundhum River ( North flowing River) fishing, swimming etc. , low valley sunrise seeing from Misreni Dara, 360 degree view of Kagay valley,lingshay valley and lingseykha valley.

DAY 3:
From Kagay to Pithamchin via Rhenock Bazar
Lodging facility: Homestay
From Pithamchin with the help of local guide we can reach Mulkharkha Lake.
Return back to the homestay.
End of the tour.

All accommodation with food and tea at homestay.
Well managed transport facility.
Both bottled and direct fresh water from the tap.
Experienced trek leaders.
Professional photographers on demand. (Extra charge is needed).

Necessary documents:
Voter cart, passport size photos, or any other identity proof certificate.

Things to carry:
Not much! Just sneakers or any other sports shoes.

Please note: Drinking any kinds of alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited.

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