Rishap (2 days trip) via kagay, Pedong, Algarah, 6th Mile, Lava, Rishap, Maria.

Rishop is a small village and a hill station which lies in the Kalimpong district of the state of West Bengal. It was recorded as tourist destination in the year 1998. It is 2591m above the sea level so the temperature is very low. Even in summer you can fell the cold air at morning and evening. In winter the temperature falls weather preserves the dense forest of pine tree and other species found in cold regions. In winter you can find snow flurry which falls on the pine tree and the roof which gives a beautiful scenario.

According to our travel map our next destination was this amazing place so we were very excited to visit Rishop. We planned to take 2 days travel to visit every place which falls under Rishop. Our journey started from Kagay which is about 15 km. The weather was not so good but we tried to collect some memories and video on the hills of Rishop. We started around 9.30am the weather was cold so we had to grab some warm clothes as we was travelling to a cold place with a higher altitude. We started moving with a action camera attached on our helmets but we were unable to get some moving shots as we forget to keep the gyro on so the clips was not so good to be filtered. It was fun riding on steep slope. The road till Zero was not so good se we faced many problems while riding up the hills. In some places single ride was only chance to ride. We reached around 11am at the feet of Rishop. We hold for half an hour while taking a shot we meet colleague, he welcomed us with a cup of tea and guided us with the road directions. We headed towards Saylvian Stay a popular resort of Mr Rajeeb Sahee it was located at the end of rishop . The resort was surrounded by jungle with beautiful scenario. We stayed for couple of hours and started searching for interesting things .While we were crossing those offbeat road we got an eye of Denzong . The resort was small but the design of carved stones was just amazing. The gate was closed no one was there we did not had any choice so we entered without any permission. We are very sorry Mr Tshering Bhutia for entering into your property without your permission. The resort has 3 rooms it was small but I think I think once you visit it you will love that amazing cottage. After a while we headed towards Salvian Stay the last resort which lies at the end of forest. We then returned home though it was just 13 km so we thought it’s better to return and comeback the next day to cover other part of Rishop.

The day was bright so we started travelling at 10am with no hope of rainfall. Today we took the other way which is from Kagay via Mudung, Pedong 20thmile, 6th mile and finally Rishop it was about 35 km to take a round trip from Kagay. We started our journey with action camera attached to our helmet with a gyro on and today we didn’t fail to follow the procedure of camera. Every time when we travel out of Kagay we have to visit Pedong it is a kind of door to us. So without holding we straight away took a Rishi road to move towards Rishop. After a ride of 20 min we took left turn from 20th mile. This road is bypass to reach lava highway. The road is outskirt from Algarah and it is hard to find any vehicle on the way. The road was not so good it was being constructed I believe it is made for National Highway to Man Sarovar. It took 30 min to reach Lava highway we could have reach early but we were stuck by loading of woods on truck in between. We took a rest at the starting point of highway we enjoyed the cold weather we grabbed a jacket and started moving towards 6th mile. We were not so comfortable with the roads due to back cutting but we enjoyed seeing the beautiful landscape tall pine trees, the clouds touching the tip of pine it was an amazing view. After a ride of 10km we reached 6th Mile where stuck by the smell of momo it was like leaving everything and focusing more on the hot soup an mom o. It was not so expensive it was just 30 per plate. We were full we got some energy by hot soup then we were active to ride the day was clear the pine was very dense so the rays was touching the ground. It was like some parts were dark enough. While moving towards reshop the road was like highway to hell. Many circumstances came in our way but we kept a faith and continue riding. After 4km off-road we found our self at heaven the peace nature cold air made us relaxed we took a rest at Himalayan Hut which is located at the starting point of Rishop.

Until we reach the cloud started becoming black, thunderstorm was heard and it was a sign of heavy rainfall we started packing our bags the rain started even hell stone was seen. It rained till 1 hour so we took a chair beside the window and enjoyed the rainfall. The rain stopped we got a weather update from a moving vehicle and we started riding. The rained cleared all the clouds the landscape were cleaned and the view was amazing. We felt very cold while riding downhill of Samagaon we took a same road which we travelled before. After 45 min we reached home sweet home.
Not only have we travelled to explore we also keepmemories behind which always motivate us to travel to beautiful places in earth.