Sunco 4K UHD Action Camera Test Footage.

(Sunco 4K UHD) Action Camera Test Footage

Acknowledgement for Reshi River Resort and especially Rajesh Byahut for giving us a wonderful time to take a test footage of Action Camera (Sunco 4k UHD)..

This video made us trek from Kagay to the end of Reshi which was almost 5 to 6km. This trekking gave us many memorable moments like crossing the boarder of West Bengal & Sikkim with camera on bag and Tripod and Slider hanging through shoulder.
It was 2 days trip. The night just passed on by barbecue cuing the chicken.

The next day was a time to test Sunco 4K UHD and it was a great experience to test our first action camera.Though it is cheap comparing to other action camera like Gopro, Sjcam, YI 4k, but the output of daylight footage is comparably awesome. Lowlight footage is not upto the mark. Overall its satisfactory. Gyro is awesome. 1080p compressed from 4k is stunning with great details. This video is taken only in 1080p, 30fps, not compressed from 4k footage.

We were happy enough with the cheaper action camera which gave us to experience 4K video and letting us to explore Reshi.

By the way it was fun shooting videos and had lots of practice session during our two days trip to Reshi River Resort. Enjoy watching.


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