Welcome to New Paradise


We are extremely happy to share our new discovery for natural and aesthetic adventure.Nature is the ultimate source of all everlasting happiness. Everyone can be closer to reality and God. It is natural that we are extremely overburdened by the sophiticated, complex and dynamic modern day civilization. Our life has turned into a mechanical piece of modern day hectic boring routine life where no one has a second to stare at the beauty of natural world . Inernet has made a web of everything where our soul has been zooed and we are all just prisoners here of our own artificial prejudices. One can pretent to be happy to look happy with modern day discoveries,inventions and all promised new forms of entertaintment ,but the fact is he is never happy instead feels more lonely and empty. Thus at end, if you want to be happy than we are trying our best to bring you all possible new destinations for adventure with Nature.Here are few new places where you can leave your all cacophony of concrete jungle and find yourself absoluley free like a bird.
River Diprung is a small paranial stream with crystal clear water. It divides the two beautiful States of India, Sikkim nicknamed ” Switzerland of the East”, ” Land of Orchid ” and WEST Bengal, land of unity in Diversity. The direct view of the river can b seen from the several hill tops,but the best view can be seen from a newly found and constructed MISRENI DARA. The river flows through the dense virgin evergreen sub tropical jungle which can be found on the foothill of the blue mountains.The river is formed by the combination of two small rivers, Reshi and Ravang. Both rivers meet together in Divan, which is a fabulous place for Picnic, fish catching and swimming.
2.Misreni Dara
The place is named after a couple who used to live here. They belonged to a clan called “Mishra”. They had no any sibling.Thus the place remained in total silent for almost half a century , unless Inthe recent time,local people cleared the ruins and now has been transformed into a Sight seeing place,from where one can see the blue mountains with amazing interlocking spurs with shades, chirping birds including hummingbird, snake like streams with clear blue water, small butclean and beautiful hill station , Rhenock Bazar.Snow covered peaks mainly Kanchanjungha, Nathula, kupup etc. add extra layer of amazement. Sunrise from the ox-bow curve of Rachela Range is out of this world
3.Amazig Cloud’s Display
Cloud cover is a common sight almost everywhere. But you can have something new in this area, due to the presence of numerous paranial sreams. The slopes of the mountains around are another thing to admire along with cloud and blu sky.
As one can see the cirrus cumulus above Kanchanjungha peak, the view is breathtaking. Amazing sight of Sunrise from Rachela with partial cloud cover is never to miss.